All over the world, the rights to privacy, free expression, and assembly are being eroded as states work to undermine the foundations of the free and open internet. Iran is leading the global offensive against the free Internet with the development of its National Information Network, which is forcing fundamental and dangerous shifts in the way Iranian citizens engage in online spaces.

Filterwatch aims to provide the information and tools to enable journalists, human rights advocates, and campaigners to hold Iranian policy-makers to account, and to advocate for a free and open internet in Iran, for the benefit of all Iranians.

Filterwatch was launched in late 2012 by Small Media – a London-based digital rights organisation that seeks to support the free flow of information globally. Although its work has changed, its aims have remained the same.

  1. To analyse and explain the impacts of policy and infrastructure decisions on human rights in Iran.

  2. To hold judicial, security and law enforcement authorities to account for human rights violations online.

  3. To support technologists, businesses and the public to better uphold the privacy and security of Iranian internet users.

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